What is organic cosmetics? 

A cosmetic is an article containing components from organic farming. It must respect a strict charter when a cosmetic is certified organic by its own labelling. More informations : www.exsymol.com . One of the advantages of accrediting an organic certification body would be that it controls the product chain from its design to its own promotion.

Find your quality make-up

A growing trend in make-up, organic make-up remains to encourage people to talk about it. With 95% of natural ingredients and at least 10% of ingredients from organic farming, make-up meets the requirements of natural products: healthy and skin-friendly products that allow your complexion to breathe… and considerably reduce the risk of allergies. Contact professionnal for more informations about dermocosmetic. Sensitive skin or eyes, don’t wait any longer! Skin care is in the spotlight with aesthetics. Aloe vera glowing in mascara, nourishing argan oil in lipstick… No need to think between care and aesthetics, all you have to do is choose your own colours.

The use of essential oils

Essential oils can help you get the skin if they are placed on the skin of the face. Anti-wrinkle, as an acne treatment, to reduce scars or brownish spots or to restore radiance to your complexion, choose them according to their energy ingredients… Essential oil is a concentrated essence that can immerse you in a feeling of well-being… It can come from leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, seeds and roots. The essential oil can be used in cosmetics as well as in diffusion, orally and in massage. It has properties that would allow to treat all kinds of ailments or disadvantages thanks to their antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

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